Thoughts on Autism

What questions do you have and or hope to explore this semester?

I am most interested in learning more about the debates surrounding the treatment of autism. I want to understand the different perspectives enough to be able to make unbiased arguments and build my own opinion. I expect to read and delve into case studies and receive scholarly and concrete information about autism and its modern debates. I hope to come out of the class with a new found appreciation and sparked interest in disability culture and its surrounding conflict.

What are some of the common stereotypes about autism?

I chose to answer this question above “what is autism”, because I acknowledge that I know very little about it. I feel that at this point, anything that I think I know about autism could be considered a stereotype, because it stems from outside non-scholarly sources. Autism (as I know it) is a mental disorder that a portion of babies are born with. Its symptoms are mostly behavioral, and include activities that our outside what our culture considers “normal”. Autistic kids are slow learners, and they have trouble with very basic skills that often come naturally to others, such as social and motor skills. Autism is non-curable.


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