Blog Carnival Notes

My blog carnival topic is Autism in Poetry and Creative Writing

The blogosphere is important to autism communities because it allows them to express themselves anonymously and establish an identity separate from their diagnosis. It also promotes a conversation about issues instead of giving just a one sided argument. The web has revolutionized these discussions and allowed for readers to get access more information about autism from sources from real, average people like themselves.

I have come to the conclusion that my particular topic, poetry, is particularly important in the conversation about autism. The poems that I found were by and about autistic people, and covered a variety of topics from parenting to romantic love. The important lesson to learn about autism in poetry is that it can not only be a topic of art but the people who are diagnosed with autism can express their feelings about it freely and artistically. There isn’t a specified conversation topic that recurs in the poetry, but rather makes an underlying statement that whether or not someone has autism does not make a difference in art, and can add a whole new perspective.

If I were to make this carnival public, I would want the outside world to see what I saw as I was exploring the different blogs.

“One way I like to define myself living with autism is that I’m closed on the outside, and open on the inside. I may come across as not listening or paying attention, but trust me, I am.”¬†-Russell Lehmann


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