Meet Abbey

“ABBEY. ABBEY. ABBEY.” Mom is screaming at me. I am hiding. I am sure she does not know where I am. I am thinking about screaming back.
“AAAAHHHHBEEEEEEEEYYY.” I am thinking about answering.

I can hear her, but I pretend that I can’t. Mom is mad. She is scary and mean and I am hiding. She will not find me. 5 more minutes on the computer.

“Abbey, is there a reason why you’re not answering me? Stop covering your ears with your hands.” Mom is mad.

“Stop” I tell her. “I want to watch a video on Youtube. Two more minutes mom.”
“It’s time to go, Abbey, no more videos today. I have an appointment in 15 minutes. Stop covering your ears, please.”

I am not going to the appointment with her. I don’t want to go.
“One more minute.” I point at the computer to show her the little cats on the screen. “They are cute. The kitties.”
Mom pulls on my arm.

“Calm down, Abbey.”
I am calm. She is mad and I am calm. I want to look at the kitties and not at her and her face and I am not going to the appointment.
Mom walks out of the computer lab. click, click, click. Bye, mom.

The concern that I have with writing this brief introduction is that I am not sure what level of the spectrum my character is. When I started writing about her, I had my best friend’s little sister in mind, Sarina. When I was at their house, it was always a constant battle between her and her mom, and I felt as though there was no escape from constant screaming. My character, Abbey, is slightly younger than Sarina–I decided to make her about 9. Abbey is stuck in her head a little bit, and if I were to develop the story more, it would include less dialogue and more mental processes.


One thought on “Meet Abbey

  1. The Bard says:

    This is reminds me of the constant computer battles I had as a kid growing up.

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