Karibu Kenya!

Welcome to Kenya! Mambo! Jambo! Habari! 

Finally, here it is. My Kenyan not-your-average-study-abroad blog. I have finally been able to access steady internet in my hostel, after a long fight with the IT people and the finance office, who’s sense of time is nothing that I am used to. 

NOTE ON KENYAN TIME: Sort of like Michigan time, but it can range anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, or even longer. Basically nobody really makes plans in advance–and when they do it is kosher to show up very very late, or even not at all. Professors sometimes don’t even come to class, and it is normal to see some students stroll into class about 10 minutes before the class is over. It’s “hakuna matata” attitude at its finest–everyone is pretty relaxed and at ease, and things will get done simply when they get done. So…that’s why this blog is coming a little late. But hey..it’s here right?



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